2015 Nissan Lannia concept and review

Nissan premiered the Lannia Concept, a global concept dealing with the way of life of China’s rising “Post-80s” generation, at the Auto China 2014. “Lannia Concept joins our expanding family members of China-focused models,” said Palmer. “It was created by Chinese, developed by Chinese for the Chinese people, and eventually, for the globe.” He acknowledged the heavy participation of the local Chinese groups extending from market research to design that brought about the childbirth of the Lannia Concept. Its Chinese name, “lan niao, yin xiang” was additionally announced in honor of the famous Nissan Bluebird, whose spirit is reborn. Placed as a “sedan theory-breaker,” Lannia Concept is the result of strong partnership in between Nissan Design China in Beijing and the Nissan Global Design Center, and includes an enthusiastic, streamlined and active design that deals with the tastes and worths of contemporary Chinese “Post-80s” trailblazers. 2015 Nissan Lannia

2015 Nissan Lannia concept

Hard, in truth, that its Chinese developers, that supposedly exist to provide the brand name’s products to the Chinese market’s distinct preferences, have actually whipped up a concept car with, you guessed it, V-motion styling. The Lannia concept, which debuted at the 2014 Beijing car program, looks nearly similar to the Maxima– er, we imply, “Sport Sedan” concept shown at this year’s Detroit car show. 2015 Nissan Lannia

2015 Nissan Lannia review

What we could establish is that the Lannia concept’s V-tastic styling is quite attractive. The frontal visuals is solid and a little less in your face in comparison to the Sport Sedan concept’s mug, while the fenders bulge out nicely from the body. Nissan’s drifting roofing system procedure– wherein the home window line kicks as much as virtually comply with the roof, yet is divided from the lid with a blackout panel– is present, and the tail acquires the requisite gigantic exhaust electrical outlets. Promisingly, it appears Nissan is preventing its concept vehicles’ V-motion look intact on upcoming production versions, with the current Rogue and Murano wearing differing dosages of the motif to excellent result. 2015 Nissan Lannia

2015 Nissan Lannia – mini Maxima

Nissan shares it suited the Lannia towards China’s “article-’80s” generation, which it claims is called the “balinghou,” and we concur the car’s aggressive ambiance would look right in your home in a hip Chinese cities like Shanghai. No reference is constructed from just what could power the Lannia, needs to it come to be a production design, however we’re thinking it’ll be of weaker constitution in comparison to the sedan’s strong look– and it will possibly be mated to Nissan’s favored transmission, the CVT. 2015 Nissan Lannia

2015 Nissan Lannia concept and review

2015 Nissan Lannia concept and review 3

2015 Nissan Lannia concept and review 5

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