2015 Toyota Tundra Diesel Dually review

In the arena of full-size pickup, payload and towing capability are just as considerable as Nurburgring lap times are for the Porsche and Ferrari crowd. That’s exactly what’s interesting regarding this diesel-powered, double rear wheel (DRW) equipped Toyota Tundra that’s showing up at SEMA. Assemble by Toyota Motorsports’ Technical Group, the menacing, charcoal grey vehicle stands as an answer to those who firmly insist that the newly-upsized Tundra is a less severe vehicle than the competition from Ford and Chevrolet. 2015 Toyota Tundra

Specs of 2015 Toyota Tundra

Under the hood, there’s an 8.0 litre inline six-cylinder turbodiesel Hino commercial vehicle engine. A healthy five-speed manual transmission and a Hino DRW back side get the energy to the ground and enhance this extended Tundra’s capacity. 22.5-inch wheels are offered by Alcoa. Toyota really did not release requirements, yet the Tundra’s fifth-wheel hitch is rated at 24,000 pounds. No word on if such a vehicle is a major consideration for production, or if it’s just truck-guy chest-thumping. Grafting a rear framework section of a Tundra regular cab with a 6-foot bed, the project CrewMaximus (our pet name) has a wheelbase of nearly 160 inches– similar in length to Ford and Dodge shortbed dualies. Wheelwell to wheelwell, the dualie’s over eight feet broad and more than seven feet high. Adding to this skyscraping stature are six Michelin Energy 295/60R22.5 commercial-duty tires coiled a collection of custom-made eight-lug brushed-aluminum Alcoa wheels. At 9 inches broad and over a backyard high, the six tires offer the Tundra dualie a medium-duty look, forecasting mass and strength. And it doesn’t just look sturdy: The sturdy Meritor rear axle has a collection of ring and pinions that determine over 13 inches and are ranked to haul as long as 25,000 pounds, with an approximated GVW closer to 35,000. In advance, the truck is two-wheel drive, but the upper A-arms have actually been broadened to hold two sets of Bilstein coilover shocks to deal with the added weight from the shock under the hood.


Toyota has actually gained its credibility for generating fuel efficient automobiles, but one dent in the Japanese automaker’s armor has actually been the gas-guzzling Tundra and Sequoia. To help remedy the circumstance, Toyota Engineers have been functioning hard on a 4.5 L clean-diesel powerplant that will significantly enhance gas economic situation for the body-on-frame vehicles. The 4.5 L engine is apparently arranged to show up Stateside by 2010, and it’s an obvious fact due to the reality that both Ford and GM are supplying in a similar way sized oil-burners for their trucks and SUVs. 2015 Toyota Tundra

Interior of 2015 Toyota Tundra

The cabin is tough to describe. Relying on how very closely you look (the closer the better), it would certainly be easy to presume you’re in a lush Ferrari or Bentley Flying Spur. The Ginger Leather glows a warm orange and was covered by kept in mind SoCal store Fast Ed’s Interiors to fit like an Italian handwear cover around every door panel and cupholder. The seats are sewn like a deluxe baseball mitt, while the roof and dashboard are covered in color-matched all-natural hides. Kenwood provided the 3 video clip displays, each with its own controls, all set to play radio, CDs, DVDs, or computer game. A special gauge cluster was decided on– it’s more in line with high end SUVs than the existing Tundra’s “barrel” setup. With the exception of the longneck Eaton shifter, the whole dashboard and facility console were deliberately left looking as factory as feasible. Once again, with the anti-show-truck theme. Back bucket seats provide eight-way adjustability, each with its very own center storage space console and personal DVD display. 2015 Toyota Tundra

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